The Vision and Values of the Alliance for Mission & Renewal

By The Executive Board
June 6, 2024

The Alliance for Mission and Renewal was born out of the time-tested idea that the message and spread of the Gospel, the rich reformed theological tradition, and the authority of the Scriptures could shape a movement of faith, hope, and love. 

The PCA was formed out of this old idea in 1973. With the Lord’s help, for the sake of doctrinal purity and robust evangelism at home and around the world, a group of passionate, creative, and daring pastors, elders, and congregations founded the PCA. Many came to faith in Jesus Christ. Churches were planted. Networks were born. Students were reached. For this, we praise God!

The mission of the PCA has been described in these terms:

  • Faithful to the Scriptures,
  • True to the Reformed faith, and
  • Obedient to the Great Commission.

While the Alliance is deeply committed to the original mission of the PCA, its members are equally convinced that a business-as-usual approach will not be an adequate response to the current crisis, and the time has come for us to fashion new structures that more adequately serve the established mission.

To that end, The AMR works for the unity, faithfulness, and flourishing of the PCA. We want to see a denomination characterized by:

  • Firmly standing on the inspired, infallible, and inerrant Scriptures;
  • Boldly proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people in all places;
  • Faithfully holding in good faith to our confessional standards;
  • Humbly recognizing how our doxological diversity is critical to our mission and leadership;
  • Earnestly welcoming, valuing, and co-laboring with our sisters in Christ as they serve the Savior;
  • Joyfully embracing our universal connection with Jesus’ Church to maintain the unity of the Spirit with all who proclaim the Gospel;
  • Gratefully deploying the treasures of our Reformed theological tradition in the service of the Church; and
  • Purposefully focusing on making new disciples so we maintain and proclaim a visible and viable witness to the Gospel.

Each of these characteristics accords with the original vision of the PCA and is critical to its future fruitfulness. 

The Alliance rejoices in the treasures of our Reformed tradition, and it seeks to discover a path with more cooperation and a unified and effective Gospel witness in our society. We want the PCA to be a church that faces our current cultural crisis without assimilation or compromise, nor with angry denunciation, and without withdrawal or with political agendas. Rather, we hope to work toward these high goals while fostering a culture in the PCA that is:

  1. Positive – We do not seek to be political or reactionary but to lift up positive stories of gospel encouragement and advancement.
  2. Culturally Engaged – Mission and evangelism in our Late Modern Age requires a deep-rootedness in biblical truth and a penetrating insight into current culture.
  3. Collaborative – We focus on partnership, unity, and alliance across the PCA as we strive to model together what flourishing can look like.
  4. Expansive – We focus on a big, beautiful vision for the PCA. 
  5. Diverse – We honor the diversity of God’s work as we highlight people from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and perspectives within the PCA. 
  6. Encouraging – We seek to be a voice of encouragement to the greater PCA, from pastors and elders to the people in the pews. 
  7. Winsome – We try to model loving and positive gospel engagement and to be welcoming and hospitable in both tone and content.

Though we don’t have all the answers, the AMR is working on a way ahead for a peaceful and yet disruptive witness in our fragmenting society, ready to partner with and learn from other Christians who are also working on the needed paths for the Church to be faithfully present and effective in its mission. 

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