Ten Ways to Get Connected at General Assembly

By Jenilyn Swett
Director of Adult Ministries,  
Restoration Community Church, St. Louis, MO
May 17, 2024

General Assembly (GA), the annual gathering of the PCA, is a unique thing. It is part business meeting, part conference, and part family reunion. When you walk through the halls of GA, you’ll see everyone from denominational leaders to local church elders, church and RUF campus staff, and kids scouring the exhibit hall for the best swag.

If you are a GA veteran, think back to your first General Assembly. What questions, anxieties, and points of confusion did you have? As you prepare for Richmond, consider how you might be able to welcome others into GA. Are there PCA friends from your presbytery or other parts of the country who would benefit from a personal invitation to come? When you’re at GA, is there someone new you could invite to a meal or for drinks? Be on the lookout for first-timers or elders and church staff who might be solo.

If you’re new to GA, or if you haven’t attended in a while, it can be a daunting experience. We’d love to help you navigate it. This year, GA will take place in Richmond, Virginia, June 10-14, with the bulk of business and programming taking place Tuesday-Thursday. 


The list below is designed to be helpful for everyone who comes to GA—veterans and newbies alike—as you seek to pursue and connect with others.


  1. Pray for GA personally, as a church, and as a presbytery. We need God’s help to love one another well, deliberate wisely, and reflect his heart to those we meet in Richmond.
  2. Register and plan to attend. The official GA website, PCAGA.org, has all of the information you need about location, schedule, programming for families, and registration. While teaching and ruling elders must register as commissioners to vote, elders, staff (female and male), and families are always welcome to attend GA as guests.
  3. Tell your PCA friends you’re heading to GA and encourage them to do the same. Make plans to grab a meal together, sit together during business, or even split lodging costs.
  4. Read up on the overtures that will be brought forward at this year’s GA. A great starting point is the list available on the GA website here. At GA, the overtures are first discussed on Monday and Tuesday by the Overtures Committee. While the elected committee members are the only ones allowed to contribute to the conversation, anyone is welcome to sit and listen in on their discussions. This is a great way to get an idea of the different perspectives represented around each overture topic.
  5. Take advantage of all the great resources available at GA. Attend seminars that are pertinent to your ministry on Tuesday and Wednesday, and explore the exhibit hall to interact with publishers and potential ministry partners (plus,  you can get swag and maybe even some candy).
  6. Plan to attend lunches and events such as those sponsored by MTW and MNA. This is a great way to hear about how God is at work (and get a meal without leaving the premises). If you are new to being a GA commissioner, also plan to attend the First Time Commissioners Dinner on Tuesday evening. Advanced registration is typically required for these events.
  7. Attend the worship services on Tuesday evening, Wednesday afternoon, and Thursday evening. It is a powerful experience to worship together with thousands of PCA sisters and brothers and to focus our minds and hearts together on the God we serve.
  8. Join AMR for the annual Fellowship Gathering on Wednesday night. This is a casual way to meet others, catch up with friends, and enjoy a pause in the week’s business proceedings. Registration is open now
  9. There are a number of ways for women to connect while at GA, whether attending as church/ministry staff, interested church members, or wives of elders. Women can attend business meetings such as Committee of Commissioner reports, Overtures Committee, seminars, or take part in the variety of events planned by the host committee for women and families (https://pcaga.org/families/).
  10. Connect with AMR. Many of our Executive and Advisory Board members will be at GA. We’d love to meet you and answer any questions about the Alliance. Feel free to stop and say hello when you see us around, especially at the Wednesday night Fellowship Gathering (see #8 above). 

If you are unable to attend GA, follow daily updates from ByFaith and tune in to the livestream. But if you’ll be there, we look forward to seeing you and enjoying a great week together in Richmond!



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